RETÜL bike fitting and MTB SKILLS Instructor

About Me

RETÜL bike fitting and MTB SKILLS Instructor

With 30+ years of riding bikes and international accreditation (Retül Bike Fit, PMBIA & Tread Skills Instructor plus First Aid certification) under my wheels, my classes are based primarily on a skills progression programme, building riders’ confidence through effectively breaking down techniques into focused progression. With lots of practice and momentum, my classes will make you a faster, safer, and more confident rider, all while having loads of fun! Helping people get to those aargh moments is what fuels my passion for teaching and sharing.

When I am not skills coaching or riding bikes, I can be found in the Retül Fit studio performing bike fits, designing corporate IDs (ex-corporate designer of 20 years), and cycling apparel.

Cycling has had a profound impact on my life, from my childhood to my adult life. It has literally saved my life at least twice, so I feel very fortunate and lucky to have a job doing something I love so much. It’s not just a hobby for me. It is a way of life.

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