Need some custom kit designed?

A free event jersey for 500 or more people is different from a fitted custom-printed team jersey, which a rider/athlete will train and race in all season.

Navigating the requirements of custom cycling clothing can be confusing. I work with a local supplier (since 2010) that works with only the best-imported materials. From design to delivery, let me help you design some fashionable and stylish kit.

The minimum order required is 4 pieces, and prices vary according to quantity and materials (style and cut) requirements. The more you buy, the cheaper each piece is. Typically, reorders require much smaller quantities (even a single piece) once you have placed the first order since the artwork is already produced and setup.

Benefits of custom kit

  • A perfect colour choice that suits your brand, company, organisation or bike!
  • Professional look as a team
  • The order comes straight from the factory
  • Your design, logos, and sponsor details make it unique to you.
  • Reorder your jersey anytime; it’s always available.
  • Range of jerseys for all levels of rider.

Signoff example

Custom cycling kit design

Rachet cycling shirts available to buy

Rachets cycling jerseys are designed for optimal performance. Stylish and functional, with a full-length zipper and waterproof security pocket on the rear. Two colour ways are available. The cut is designed for performance.

Custom cycling kit design

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Custom cycling kit design
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